• Ravleen Kaur

    Ravleen Kaur

    Architecture student | fascinated towards UI/UX

  • Ayomide Ajibade

    Ayomide Ajibade

    User Interface Designer • Creating user targeted designs • Solving problems

  • Michael Mondragon

    Michael Mondragon

    UI/UX Designer for Kaiser Permanente, Creative Director, Adobe Community Professional, Podcaster, and Artist

  • Miguel Oliveira

    Miguel Oliveira

    UX/UI Designer

  • Terence Liu

    Terence Liu

  • Jack Krebsbach

    Jack Krebsbach

    Hope College Mathematics & Physics Founding Partner @ REZA rezafootwear.com

  • Victoria Hirsh

    Victoria Hirsh

  • joekehoe


    I help customers envision their digital future; with a focus on marketing. Might share a random bicycle or vegan tweet. These thoughts = mine.

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