Escaping the B2B SaaS rat race

This is what most B2B enterprise SaaS products feel like. Photo by Yung Chang on Unsplash
  1. You start with an MVP.
  2. Company X finds your product interesting, but they need more features to adapt it to their business. They’re willing to finance the development of those features, and you accept.
  3. The features are now part of your product, and you can use them to pitch to prospective clients. Other big clients will finance more features, and the cycle repeats.

Don’t wait for clients to ask

Stop building features for one client

Split client success and product

  1. There just isn’t enough time in a week to handle both clients and the product.
  2. The person that is in touch with clients will feel the pressure to comply with their requests. That pressure should not influence product decisions. In short, it’s easier to say no if you‘re not the one actually saying it to the client.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Find a balance



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