How to stop running behind clients and start focusing on the product

In the B2B SaaS world, this is usually how startups are born:

  1. You start with an MVP.
  2. Company X finds your product interesting, but they need more features to adapt it to their business. They’re willing to finance the development of those features, and you accept.
  3. The features are now…

Spotify Greenroom, a new Clubhouse clone from Spotify, might unlock a new format altogether

In June, Spotify launched its own audio-based social network app Spotify Greenroom, another Clubhouse rival. This way, it is joining Twitter and Facebook in the rush to the audio room format, with Twitter Spaces and Live Audio Rooms respectively.

If you haven’t heard about Spotify Greenroom, it’s because there’s nothing…

Browsers are now packing so many features that they hardly fit in one application. Apple’s Safari 15 might be a step towards a new way to experience browsers.

Among the new products and features presented at WWDC 2021, Apple presented a completely redesigned Safari, which will come with the Mac OS Monterey. The update introduces many changes in the design and is probably one of the biggest Safari updates to date.

I’m not going to go in-depth about…

Federico Cella

Product Designer @ Prioticket.

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