Spotify Greenroom, a new Clubhouse clone from Spotify, might unlock a new format altogether

Spotify Greenroom’s landing page, with a screenshot of the app and a call-to-action

In June, Spotify launched its own audio-based social network app Spotify Greenroom, another Clubhouse rival. This way, it is joining Twitter and Facebook in the rush to the audio room format, with Twitter Spaces and Live Audio Rooms respectively.

If you haven’t heard about Spotify Greenroom, it’s because there’s nothing much to say about it yet. The app looks very similar to its competitors, with speakers at the top, and other participants below them. The only noticeable difference so far is Spotify’s branding and the option to sign in with a Spotify account.

Other than that, Greenroom introduces a chat…

Browsers are now packing so many features that they hardly fit in one application. Apple’s Safari 15 might be a step towards a new way to experience browsers.

Among the new products and features presented at WWDC 2021, Apple presented a completely redesigned Safari, which will come with the Mac OS Monterey. The update introduces many changes in the design and is probably one of the biggest Safari updates to date.

I’m not going to go in-depth about the changes. If you’re interested, here’s a 33-minute-long video from Apple on how the design is going to impact UI and interaction design (it’s a lot). …

Today, there are many options when it comes to a career in design. A rising number of people is getting into bootcamps, and the companies offering them are selling the idea that a bootcamp is all you need. Another parallel argument is that getting a degree is useless unless it’s in a STEM field and you plan on finding a corporate job.

I have a bachelor’s in Communication Design, a field where degrees don’t matter that much, but I’m extremely thankful for where it got me in my life, and I’m not talking about my job. …

When too much quality hurts.

Scrabble tiles compose “Done is better than perfect”

Last night, I was spending an excessive amount of time trying to make a spreadsheet look cool. I had an excuse to do that. Since I’m often going through lots of spreadsheets done by other people in the company years ago, reconstructing the logic behind it always proves challenging. Why is that cell red while the other one is orange? Is there a difference between red text and a red cell? Questionable color coding, ambiguous micro-copy, and mysterious formatting are what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

It doesn’t just bother me as a designer, it also…

Screen Time’s blank screen that says you’ve reached the daily limit for Instagram.

Every social media user has a problem with social media, whether they’re conscious or not. It might be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube… we all have one.

For me, it was Instagram. I think I’ve always been aware that it was taking too much time away from me, but I’ve always dismissed it as something essentially harmless to see what my friends are up to. There’s good in the bad after all. Occasionally it will spark a nice conversation with a long-lost friend. Sometimes it will make things happen. …

Many UX/UI designers still consider being expected to know a little bit of HTML and CSS as an exploitative practice from desperate companies. While this is true in some cases, it has now become part of the job.

Let’s make clear that if you applied for a design position you should never spend the majority of your time coding or be allowed to write production code. That’s a huge red flag. Still, knowing whatever language your product is written in is as important as knowing the properties of materials for an industrial designer.

You can’t design something without knowing how…

As much as I thought I knew what I was getting into — as a fresh grad applying to jobs — I didn’t. I thought that the mock-projects I did in university were a pretty accurate representation of what actual work is like, but I was wrong. University definitely gave me a nice framework to start with. I would be totally lost now if it wasn’t for my education, and if anything it gave me the confidence to sell myself as a product designer. However, there are certain things that university never prepared me for, and are completely overlooked by…

Federico Cella

Product Designer @ Prioticket.

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